Woofers Speakers by Sander Mulder
Woof. Woof. Have you ever bought speakers just for the bad pun? Well now is your chance. Comes as a set of two woofers, and you don't even have to feed them. Available in black or white.
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Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone
The Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone is a bold design with a vintage sound inspired by the 1920s horn speakers. Use any Bluetooth-enabled device to stream nostalgia and experience the vintage, organic sound of a gramophone.
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Make Your Own Music Box Kit
This kit comes with a music box, strips, and a hole punch to create your own music box songs. Just punch holes in the right place to create the note and timing, and you've got yourself a song.
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DIY Synthesizer Kit
There's a Keyboard Module, a Micro Sequencer Module, 2 Oscillator Modules, and a bunch of other modules that hook in any order you want.
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PickMaster Plectrum Punch
Guitar picks have been made from all sorts of things in the past - bone, shell, wood, metal, amber, ivory and even stone. Now you can add your old credit card to this list, with the Pickmaster Plectrum Punch v2.0.
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The Self-Contained Autonomous Mechanical Band
This machine uses 17 instruments built into its handcrafted oak cabinet to generate a verifiable shin-dig. The machine’s instruments are played by a system of precisely calibrated pneumatics that strum and pluck strings while thumping and tapping drums, and even rings a COWBELL
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Fretlight LED Teaching Guitar
The World's only guitar that has a built-in LED learning system. The fretboard shows you exactly where to put your fingers to play songs, chords, scales and riffs. Statistics show that 80% of first-time players quit using traditional methods, give yourself an advantage.
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Marshall Amp Fridge
Featuring authentic Marshall Amp parts including logos, fret cloth, and a brass-finished faceplate featuring Jim Marshall’s signature, the ultimate combination of rock and refrigeration is finally here.
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Mini White Guitar LED Light Lighter
Mini Guitar LED Light Lighter Refillable Cigar Cigarette Lighter will get everyone's attention. Makes a perfect gift for smokers who likes music and cool lighters.
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Guitar Doorbell
Delight your guests, friends and family with this half-sized, fully functional, acoustic guitar that easily mounts over any inward opening door. A striker-pick strums the guitar every time the door opens creating a novel musical announcement every time someone enters.
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Guitar Pick Punch
The Guitar Pick Punch will punch picks (say that 10 times fast) out of just about any gift card, old credit card, expired driver's license, your library card that you haven't used in a decade because the internet replaced libraries, etc... Start punching your way to endless picks
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