No Hands - Non-Contact Hygiene Keyring
Dirty door handles, bacteria-ridden buttons, crusty cash machines, mucky mobile screens – Germs. Are. Bloody. Everywhere.
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The Pocket Engineer Wallet Ruler Unit Conversion Card
Never look up a basic engineering equation, physical constant or unit conversion again.
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LignoLoc Wood Nail Gun Nails
The nail is hardened by compressing the cell structure and permeating it with resin. This also gives the wood tremendous durability – outdoors as well. Since beechwood is an indigenous and renewable raw material, this is particularly good for our carbon footprint.
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DMOS Stealth Pro Snow Shovel
Made from lightweight and durable T6-6061 aircraft aluminum with a powder coated finish, this tool won't rust or break. DMOS’s Stealth Pro is the ultimate shovel for auto/overlanding, adventure, action sports, ski lift operations or military work. Get it done.
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Dry Erase Whiteboard Notebook
The Plain Wipebook Notebook is a reusable whiteboard notebook with a new hypergloss film that makes erasing and reusing the wipebook better than ever! This plain variant includes 32 pages (16 sheets) and a new white spiral binding system.
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Digital Rolling Ruler
Product concept looks neat. Apparently they have yet to ship to their backers and something less admirable may be going on. Look, but don't give these people any money... lest you waste it away. Seriously, read the comment thread on their money grab indiegogo...
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Sun Joe 10-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter
Powerful: hydraulic RAM Builds up to 10 Tons of driving force. Split that wood!
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OCD Battery Storage Case
For the OCD among you. Includes battery test.
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Foot Pump Scaffolding Jack
Pump jack for low-cost, easy foot-operated jacking; secures to wood poles.
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Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Carbon Firefighters' Watch
The strap is made of the same leather as firefighter boots and the case is crafted from a carbon composite that protects space shuttles from the highest reentry temperatures.
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the KNNOX lighter
Precision machined from raw solid brass and hand polished to a natural shine, each lighter is paired with our own high-quality wicks, flints and stainless steel hex tool. Over time, the brass will age naturally, developing its own unique personality.
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