Flow Hives Langstroth-Style Cedar Beehive
"2.0 out of 5 stars Bees didn't like the flow frames and quality is not on par with the price. " - JoeVolcano
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The Floating Picnic Table
The table comfortably seats 4 people and is float tested for 600 pounds. Built with safety in mind, the large surface area keeps it stable.
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Koizumi Japanese Toaster Oven & Egg Fryer
Toast and fried eggs can be made together, perfect for breakfast alone.
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Personalized Seed Bombs
Botanical seed bombs may come in the shape of balls, hearts and flowers. Pretty box of seed bombs with attractive instructions and personalized tag. Wrapped in biodegradable pouch for safekeeping.
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Sonny Portable Bidet
Developed for the healthy, hygiene-conscious and environmentally aware lifestyle, Sonny helps reduce your environmental burden while increasing your personal cleanliness. Elevate your bathroom routine for an effective, intimate, refreshing cleanse.
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Pink Mountain Rose Succulent Plant
Aeonium Aurea ex El Hierro ' are super cute and super rare pink mountain roses.
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Zodiac Sign Scented Candles
I only believe in my own sign. Everyone else's are fake.
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Survival Seed Vaults
The seeds from Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault can be either planted now or stored for later use. This set comes with a range of seed varieties.
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The Big Lebowski Rug
The dude abides... on your living room floor...
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Llama Chia Pet
No garden? No probllama!
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Moon Terrarium
The light side of the moon.
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