Birthstone Mineral Soap Bars
Happy birthday! Wash your ass, you derelict loser!
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Webbed Fingers Swimming Gloves
Swim like a frog. Swim and catch a wave faster.
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Hangout Cocoon
Cocoon Tree can support 2,3 tons weight.... so your mom is allowed, apparently.
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Grow A Booty
A cheeky gift for someone who's anal about gardening. Cultivate your own glute-iful booty-shaped succulent
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SuninX Multi-Functional Infrared Mirror Heater
This new product is a game changer, its hybrid heating technology provides both infrared heat and convention heat, its infrared heat provides a more pleasant and intense heating, directly warms the objects and people inside the room, provides a relaxing warmth.
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61-Inch Free Standing Cedar Wood Bath Tub
Turn any bathroom into an eye catching spectacular with a high end wooden tub. The perfect addition to any log style cabin or winter home. Nothing feels better than crawling into a tub made of wood and filled with steaming hot water.
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Nebia Powerful Water Saving Shower
The future of showers. 2X more coverage saving half the water of standard showers. More finishes, more power.
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Garden Genie Gloves with Claws
For the extreme gardener...
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Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock
Now do bacon...
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Botanical Flowers Chart
The Original image was digitally restored and cleaned up. Makes for a nice talking piece.
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Ice Cube Block Lamp
Harri KoskinenÕs Block Lamp became a design classic as soon as it was launched in 1996, and it became part of MoMAÕs permanent collection in 2000. The Block Lamp has been showered with design awards.
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