Moon Terrarium
The light side of the moon.
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DIY A-Frame Wilderness Cabins
Every AYFRAYM that will ever be built will start with our set of plans. Whether you choose to hire us to manage the build, if you give the plans to a contractor, or if you decide to DIY it — it all begins with the plans.
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4WD Hands Free RC Lawn Mower
This robot converts a Toro Recycler 22" Lawnmower into a robot that can be driven with remote control or, for the adventurous, made to cut the lawn autonomously. This lawn mower features 4WD and can be used with the bagger if desired.
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Floating Crocodile Pool & Pond Decoy
Will help keep unwanted animals and birds away or just for ambiance and fun!
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Triforce Alarm Clock
When you can’t rely on one of those annoying fairies to wake you up, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Namely the entire damn triforce. That’s some serious power. We’ll be amazed if you sleep through this bad boy.
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Personalized 3D Voice Sound Wave Art
One-of-a-kind personalized sound wave art.
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Acteon Antibacterial Microfiber Beach Towels
The Acteon Beach Towel is a full size premium microfiber towel designed for the traveler who packs light. The ultra compact size and anti-bacterial properties make it perfect for on the go use.
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Gold Bar Noteblock
Ever since humans could recognize the scarcity of shiny objects, gold has been the very symbol of value and worth. The Gold Standard Noteblock contains over 300 sheets, perfect for the most valuable messages.
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Anti-Gravity Water Fountain Lamp
The anti-gravity Hydra Lamp is a neat display piece that invites interaction. Our design comes from Red Dot, iF Design award, and Good Design award winners Bruce & Doto team. The display uses principles of basic science to create the anti-gravity effect that sends water upwards.
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Octopus Soap Bar
The Octopus pops out at you and the detail is incredible!!! Perfect for the beach house or beach themed bath!
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Beefer the 1,500-Degree Grill
Beefer works exclusively with top heat and achieves temperatures of > 1,500° F that are previously unknown for conventional grills on the market. Cook your meat!
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