Octopus Soap Bar
The Octopus pops out at you and the detail is incredible!!! Perfect for the beach house or beach themed bath!
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4-Ply Luxury Toilet Paper
Quilted Northern Luxury™ is enhanced with 4 cushiony and silky layers
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Valyrian Steel Razors
Prepare yourself for the smoothest shave of your life. Strong, lightweight, and perfectly balanced: these blades glide gently over your skin with no need for added pressure. Seriously. They’re made of actual Valyrian steel. Do you want to slit your throat?!
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Kohler Digital Shower Interface
It's the most advanced showering system, bringing together four elements - water, steam, lighting, and music -- to give you a true multi-sensoryshowering experience. Wait till the price comes down to ~$99 next year tho.
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Hammered Copper Soaking Tub
When you have too much wine and too little people to drink it with. Soak your sorrows away...
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Vitamin C Shower Filter
Totally neutralizes chlorine in your shower water. Release Vitamin C into your shower water. Helps to improve the condition of skin and texture of hair. Pharmaceutical food grade of Vitamin C contained. Replaceable cartridge filter life upto 10,000 liters.
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Mushroom Night Light
When the light is dimmed, the light will automatically light up; when the light is bright, the light will automatically turn off.
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The Reusable Cotton Swab
Stop using single-use q-tips. You shouldn't be using them in your ears anyway... This kit comes complete with biodegradable carry case.
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Charmin Forever Roll
When you LOVE wiping, butt changing the roll is the most annoying thing in the world to you...
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Concrete Bathtub
Our handmade Concrete Bathtub is designed using natural cement. Its made with a top class finish thats protects the surface of the bath from standard household chemicals and is smooth as a baby bottom.
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Shark Faucet Cover
Bath time can be dangerous.
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