Cannabis Stoner Body Scrub
Wake and bake is life.
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Bath Diamond Bioluminescent Bath Bomb Salt Soaks
Your bath tub will thank you.
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Money Surprise Bath Bomb
Fun for the whole family (individually).
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Harry Potter Sorting Hat Bath Bomb
Find your house assignment with the sorting hat, turning your bath water the color of your house! As you watch your sorting hat fizz out, it will reveal either yellow, blue, red, or green!!
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Dragons Egg Bath Bomb
Be the queen (or King) of the seven kingdoms with all the dragon eggs you could ever dream of. Currently sold out...
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Bite Toothpaste Bits
Natural ingredients. Made in America. Gentle on the planet. Gentle on teeth and gums.
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Nebula Honeysuckle Soap
This mild soap is made with biodegradable glitter, mild ingredients and a dreamy fragrance oil!
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Absinthe Soap Bar
Since most people can't afford to fill their bathtub with absinthe for an invigorating soak we offer this alternative way to aromatize your skin with the sweet scent of absinthe.
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Bath Noodles
Transform your bathtub into a bowl of relaxing noods.
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Money Soap - Real Cash in Bars of Soap
Most money is filthy... This here is clean money
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Charmin Forever Toilet Paper Roll
Forever Roll XL 12 in. Starter Kit contains 3 rolls and adhesive wall mount. Spoiler, not really forever.
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