Black Like My Soul Bath Bombs
Seriously, these things are BLACK. But by some miracle they don’t stain your body or your tub. Science has come a long way, clearly.
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Black Cotton Swabs
"It is easy to take in the one-touch case. It looks good so black that. It is easy to clean."
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Professional DIY Teeth Whitening Kit
You can whiten in 30 min or less in the comfort of your own home. Easy to use and great for weekly use until you achieve your desired shade and then just use for maintenance.
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EKG Rhythm Strip Toilet Paper
HIPAA and JACHO compliant Toilet Paper for your backside, and EKG Rhythm Strips for your brain!
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Ouija Board Planchette Soap Bars
Cleanliness is next to... well. You get the idea... showering is good for you.
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Rainbow Crystal Soaps
Sweet Tangerine scented Crystal Rainbow Soaps? Yeeeessssss..... all your rainbow dreams come true!
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Anatomically Correct Heart Bath Bombs
Bless Your Heart, Anatomically Correct Large Heart Black Cherry Scented Bath Bomb!
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Bristl Phototherapy Electric Toothbrush
Bristl is a next-generation electric toothbrush designed to improve your overall oral health. With Bristl, you'll do more than just brush. You'll reduce bacteria that causes gingivitis (and periodontitis), naturally, and better your gum health.
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Witch’s Cauldron Bath Bombs
LETS GET SPOOKY! Pumpkin Dunker with bubble bar stem! Scented in Pumpkin Marshmallow Cider!
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Rainbow Unicorn Head Showerhead
Introducing the Unicorn Shower Head! This Bathroom Accessory will turn your bathroom into a magical oasis.
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Great White Shark Bath Bomb
Get in the water.
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