Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray Holiday Set
Smell good for goodness sake with this pure blend of cinnamon, vanilla and citrus natural essential oils
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Maxsoft Scalp Massager & Shampoo Brush
Because you can never have enough permanently damp trinkets hanging around your shower.
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Gillette Heated Razor
The Heated Razor by GilletteLabs activates and delivers instant warmth in less than one second at the push of a button and provides a noticeably more comfortable shave. Designed in Germany,
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Pimple Popper Tool Kit
This pimple popper kit made of stainless steel, helps minimize risk of infection. You can safely sterilize all pimple tools and blackhead remover tools without corroding or reacting negatively. Good luck out there...
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Bleeding Heart LED Bath Bomb
What is this, a bath for vampires?
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Bathroom Guest Book
What spices up a home bathroom better than a good book? This beautifully hilarious book will keep each and every guest entertained for hours..or however long it takes.
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Sonny Portable Bidet
Developed for the healthy, hygiene-conscious and environmentally aware lifestyle, Sonny helps reduce your environmental burden while increasing your personal cleanliness. Elevate your bathroom routine for an effective, intimate, refreshing cleanse.
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Octopus Soap Bar
The Octopus pops out at you and the detail is incredible!!! Perfect for the beach house or beach themed bath!
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4-Ply Luxury Toilet Paper
Quilted Northern Luxury™ is enhanced with 4 cushiony and silky layers
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Valyrian Steel Razors
Prepare yourself for the smoothest shave of your life. Strong, lightweight, and perfectly balanced: these blades glide gently over your skin with no need for added pressure. Seriously. They’re made of actual Valyrian steel. Do you want to slit your throat?!
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Kohler Digital Shower Interface
It's the most advanced showering system, bringing together four elements - water, steam, lighting, and music -- to give you a true multi-sensoryshowering experience. Wait till the price comes down to ~$99 next year tho.
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