Ultimate Fandom Wall Clock
Gauge just how deep your friends and family are in Geekdom if they can decipher the meaning of each reference.
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Moving Eye Cat Clock
Classic Kit-Cat wall clock based on a beloved vintage design.
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Clock Hands Wall Clock
This excellent wall clock almost doubles as a piece of art! It is 10" in diameter and features a black and natural clock hands print, which shows the clock hands for each hour, as hour markings.
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Back To The Future Desk Clock
If you're familiar with the Back To The Future trilogy, you will recognize this as the time circuits display that was in the DeLorean time machine. It displays the correct times and dates that Doc and Marty traveled to. The green clock displays the present date and time.
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LED Clock With Message Board
You can write any words on the board what you like. At night, you can read the words on the LED luminous screen board. Very good!
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Telephone Clock
This Telephone Clock by Jonas Design is handmade and upcycled with unique traces of wear and tear. Jonas has taken classic telephones and transformed their dialing pads into clock faces. It's a clock, made from an old telephone, I'm not sure how many ways we need to say this.
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Wooden Mechanical Clock Kit
This is not a kit for the faint of heart, but the reward for your hard work and patience will be awe-inspiring. To assemble your Wooden Mechanical Clock Kit, you'll sand and glue and cut and grease your gears. And if you follow all the instructions, you'll have a working clock.
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Googly Eyes Clock
This googly eyes clock tells time with its eyes. The left eye is the hours, the right eye is the minutes. But I hope you don't need to be anywhere important in a timely fashion, because seriously, accuracy isn't this clock's strong suit.
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QLOCKTWO Creator's Edition Gold Wall Clock
You've seen this word clock in black and white before, but this limited edition features gold leaf carefully hand-applied to the steel front, even along the edges of the numerous laser-cut letters. So you decide, food for your family for the next month, or a golden clock?
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Action Glass Wall Clock
BAM! POW! SMASH! BONK! BIFF! Looking to complete your Batcave, but can't decide on a clock? Look no further.
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4th Dimension Concrete Wall Clock
The weighty 4th Dimension wall clock stands out thanks to its unusual material: concrete. The three-pound clock resembles a circular staircase with each hour represented by a miniature triangular step. The concept of linking time and space is visualized through the spiral form.
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