Staircase Storage Basket
Putting objects on stairs is always advised!
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Mini Museum
The Mini Museum is a portable collection of curiosities where every item is authentic, iconic and labeled. It's been carefully designed to take you on a journey of learning and exploration. Each Mini Museum is a handcrafted, limited edition.
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Notorious RBG Oil Painting
Spice up your wall decor.
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2020 Toilet Paper Roll Tree Ornament
Add it to the dumpster fire.
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Kinetic Sand Kalm Zen Box for Adults
The Zen Box is the first Kinetic Sand kit for adults! With 2lbs of sand and 3 tools, immerse yourself in a soothing and mesmerizing sensory experience. Fidget, relax and unwind!
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Hocus Pocus Candle
Oh look! Another GLORIOUS morning.... makes me sick!! But this candle sure doesn’t! We’ve brewed up potent fragrance, sure to entice even the strongest of souls.
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Venus Flytrap Grow Kit
Can live in its bottle for months! Get your Venus flytrap fix in the winter when others are in dormancy then plant it into the included pot and soil and enjoy for years to come!
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Butt Shaped Plant Pot
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Skull Tabletop Fireplace
Gonna burn the building...
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My Last F*ck Candle
Nobody will tell you when to burn it, but it will be there when you're ready.
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Vent Dragons
There might be a small infestation problem in the air ducts. Vent Dragons are designed to hang on your wall. It does not need to be installed in an actual heater duct.
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