Scented Spine Candle
Curious what they're scented like? Burn it to find out!
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Hanging Glass Skull Ceiling Light
Sppoky lights to die for.
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Small Whale Air Plant Holder
This charming whale comes "spouting" an air plant. The whale has a ribbed underside and barnacles on the side. The blow hole is where the air plant sits.
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Glass Blown Spiders
Yeah, you're gonna break it.
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Pink Mountain Rose Succulent Plant
Aeonium Aurea ex El Hierro ' are super cute and super rare pink mountain roses.
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Zodiac Sign Scented Candles
I only believe in my own sign. Everyone else's are fake.
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The Big Lebowski Rug
The dude abides... on your living room floor...
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Llama Chia Pet
No garden? No probllama!
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Moon Terrarium
The light side of the moon.
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Personalized 3D Voice Sound Wave Art
One-of-a-kind personalized sound wave art.
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Anti-Gravity Water Fountain Lamp
The anti-gravity Hydra Lamp is a neat display piece that invites interaction. Our design comes from Red Dot, iF Design award, and Good Design award winners Bruce & Doto team. The display uses principles of basic science to create the anti-gravity effect that sends water upwards.
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