Dhyan Multi-Mode Zen Lounger
After a long day of Skype/Zoom calls and speaking to people across meetings, a relaxing place where you can hear the water trickle is exactly what you need to unwind! Never coming to market. Yay!
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Aero Inflatable Beach Chair
NO SITTING AT THE BEACHES THOUGH. Only walking. Maybe some running.
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XXL Sand Crab Floor Pillow
Give your household the gift of crabs.
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The Ultimate Gaming Bed
Just in time for your 90 day quarantine!
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The Pregnancy Pillow
The C-shaped body pillow is not only a maternity pillow for sleeping designed for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers, but also a full body pillow for adults suffering from hip pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, poor posture, athletes, et cetera.
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Hangout Cocoon
Cocoon Tree can support 2,3 tons weight.... so your mom is allowed, apparently.
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The Dog House Sofa
Between humans’ and pets’ residential space, “furniture” took the largest and the most important position. This “Dog House Sofa” is a tool to communicate and share feeling between human and pet.
Via munseungji.com
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Flying Saucer Hanging Hammock
Abeautiful place to lounge, nap, or read in your home, garden or out on the deck or patio. Fun indoors or outdoors, mounted to a tree beam or in the house. It's engineered with a durable, breathable, mesh fabric, making it a perfect addition indoors or out.
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Mobile Laptop Desk with Adjustable Tabletop & Footrest
This computer table can serve as an excellently laptop cart, laptop desk, or laptop stand. If you've been struggling with a big computer desk, this is the computer cart or keyboard desk that will serve you best.
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Death Star Beanbag
This beanbag is perfect for relaxing, snuggling and taking over the galaxy.
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Moon Pod Anti-Anxiety Float Chair
Moon Pod is a premium lightweight beanbag engineered to deliver a feeling of zero-gravity weightlessness in any position. It cradles your body into a rare static state, providing ultimate stress relief and all-day relaxation.
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