Potato Planter With Picking Flap
Holds 38 qts (9 gallons) of soil and holds 3-5 potato plants. Neat!
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Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder with Built-In Camera
Bird Buddy is a smart bird feeder that notifies you of feathered visitors, captures their photos and organizes them in a beautiful collection that is easy to view and share.
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Hippo Lawn Ornaments
Turn your lawn in to a dangerous safari. TRESPASSERS BEWARE
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Insta-potato Planter Box Plans
Potato has never been easier to harvest. Get fed, mars boy.
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Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder
Spice up your wildlife furniture. The locals will thank you.
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Subpod In-Garden Compost System
Pre order beware. It’s a garden bed, it’s a handy seat and it can compost up to 15kg/34lbs of food waste per week with no smells or mess. Get back to nature and use your waste as a resource.
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Seedles - Regional US Wildflower Seed Balls
Simply press each colorful seed ball halfway into bare soil and water. Then watch flowers grow. Ideal for your frontyard, backyard, planters, balcony, or any spot that needs more beauty and color.
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Garden Genie Gloves with Claws
For the extreme gardener...
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Monkey Face Orchid Seeds
It is entirely possible that science has gone too far.
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FarmBot Express Open Source Automated Farming
Let the robot overlords feed your gaping maw.
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Flow Hives Langstroth-Style Cedar Beehive
"2.0 out of 5 stars Bees didn't like the flow frames and quality is not on par with the price. " - JoeVolcano
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