Recycled Newspaper Pencils
Recycled newspaper pencils packaged in an eco-friendly recycled handmade paper sleeve with specs of silk fiber thread.
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Pam's Dunder Mifflin Watercolor
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Pro Indoor Putting Green
Nine foot indoor putting green with continuous automatic ball return for developing accuracy and control
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Nicolas Cage Face Mouse Pad
Your co-workers will hate you.
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Liquid Encased Office Chair Mat
Premium quality liquid encased fancy office chair mat - suitable for both hard floor and carpet. Mostly non-toxic but it shouldn't pop, anyway.
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Kevin broccoli wall clock
Kevin, eat the broccoli!
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Bulletproof Clipboard
Your local school board just bought a shipping container full.
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Gaiam Balance Disc - Wobble Cushion for Your Desk Chair
Place the disc on top of any chair or seat to add instability to strengthen your core while improving posture and sitting comfortably.
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Kaweco Special Brass Mechanical Pencil
When you appreciate then weight and balance of a pencil, you get a brass pencil.
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Under Desk Hammock
Quickly clip the hammock onto the sturdy UPLIFT V2 Frame using the included carabiners—and remove it just as quickly
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LED Stress Ball
Seems nice, might squish later.
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