Hog Wild Toys Air Strike Catapult
The Air Strike Catapult is a great little office/desktop warfare product. It comes with six foam balls that are pretty safe to lob at anyone who dares ask you if they can see your grail.
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Micro Blaster Q-Tip X-Bow
Take office wars to the next level with this Q-Tip blaster. Afterwards you can all bond over who has the cleanest ears.
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720p Hidden Camera Pen
Do you want to be taken seriously as a spy? No professional spy would be caught dead (or alive) without a camera pen.
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Skywall Drone Defence System
The best way to neutralise a drone is to physically intercept it. The SkyWall concept is simple; physically deliver a counter-measure up to the target. Capture a drone in a net and land it safely with a parachute. Yes, this is real.
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Micro BB Crossbow
These little crossbows will easily shoot either bb's, matches or even small headless nails! These are the perfect gift for someone that has everything. These are handmade in Guthrie, Oklahoma.
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Pennypult Model Trebuchet
The Pennypult is miniature siege weapon. By definition, it is a trebuchet or a gravity-powered catapult. The kit comes with everything you need to build your very own desk sized trebuchet. All you need is a flat surface and 16 pennies, and a desire to fling objects up to 35 feet.
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Cubicle Warfare: 101 Office Traps and Pranks
Get revenge on all your annoying coworkers with this guide to 101 awesome office pranks. With Cubicle Warfare, you'll never be bored at the office again. Make your coworkers jump, squeal, and run for cover with hilarious pranks and traps.
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Desk-Sized Catapult
The authentic foundry iron construction with moving parts includes a fully functioning ratchet with firing action on the catapult.
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The Best Prank Birthday Card Ever!
The Joker Birthday card is a musical card that NEVER STOPS PLAYING until the battery dies or you break it. And that's the point.
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Apple Pie to Dirty Fart Prank Candle
Apple pie to dirty farts, baby powder to baby diaper, clean laundry to sweaty gym socks, fresh forest pine to skunk ass, these are a just a few of the prank candle options available from WTF Candles. Yes, they're real. The top 25% smells nice, the bottom 75% is prank scented.
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Airow Gun .68 Caliber Paintball Bow
No other paintball marker even comes close the the Airow Gun. The Airow Gun is mounted to a Diamond Infinite Edge Bow. This is by far the most unique marker that we have seen. This marker enables you to silently take down the opposing team with extreme accuracy.
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