Rapping Paper
Make sure to wrap your mixtape in this...
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Stainless Steel Keycaps
For the ultimate Minecraft experience, mine your own materials.
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Acer Predator Thronos Air Gaming Chair
Get ready for the game of a lifetime...?
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Under Desk Hammock
Quickly clip the hammock onto the sturdy UPLIFT V2 Frame using the included carabiners—and remove it just as quickly
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Alienware 55-Inch OLED Gaming Monitor
Non-gamers need not apply... Release date later this month.
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DIY Synth Kit
Build three different synths (Atari punk console, stutter, and dub sirens) and enjoy the unique sound output.
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Whiteboard Drawing Robot
Scribit can place itself at any point with great precision and uses markers to reproduce any type of content. Pre order with care.
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The Queeriodic Table
Fun fact: Henry VIII made sodomy punishable by death in 1533!
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Charcoal: New Ways to Cook with Fire
In Charcoal, Citrin presents completely fresh ways to cook with fire and charcoal, not only grilling over the coals, but cooking inside them and finding inventive methods for searing and smoking.
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Flowcharts For Life’s Big Questions
If you need a book to guide your through deciding to drink at work or not, you do won't read this book, IMO.
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For those times you like to pretend you played a part in landing on the moon.
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