The Queeriodic Table
Fun fact: Henry VIII made sodomy punishable by death in 1533!
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Charcoal: New Ways to Cook with Fire
In Charcoal, Citrin presents completely fresh ways to cook with fire and charcoal, not only grilling over the coals, but cooking inside them and finding inventive methods for searing and smoking.
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Flowcharts For Life’s Big Questions
If you need a book to guide your through deciding to drink at work or not, you do won't read this book, IMO.
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Personal Library Kit
For those friends of yours who borrow books, but never return them. Gah! I wish I had friends!
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Fallout Vault Dweller’s Cookbook
Craft your own glass of Nuka-Cola, a bowl of BlamCo Mac & Cheese, and more with the recipes in Fallout: The Official Cookbook.
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NASA Archives Book
.The NASA Archives is more than just a fascinating pictorial history of the U.S. space program. It is also a profound meditation on why we choose to explore space and how we will carry on this grandest of all adventures in the years to come.
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The Big Activity Book for Anxious People
I'm a little anxious about the price, if we're being honest.
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Books from The Simpsons Notebooks
Inspired by the fictional books seen in the Simpsons, this five notebook set sees these fictional books reimagined as handy notebooks! Also available individually.
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The Essential College Cookbook
Living on your own for the first time? This useful guide has everything you need to cook yourself real meals with real food. Centered around 10 basic lessons to get you comfortable in the kitchen, this book will get you whipping up nutritious meals in no time.
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Why My Cat Is More Impressive Than Your Baby
Why My Cat Is More Impressive Than Your Baby is chockfull of comics about cats, babies, dogs, lasers, selfies, and pigeons.
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How to Stop Feeling So Damn Depressed
In order to overcome your depression, you must understand its nature. This book will help you understand The Beast, stop feeding it, and take back your life.
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