Hershey's Milk Chocolate Emoji Bars
For the first time in The Hershey Company’s 125-year history, the iconic Hershey’s brand is changing the look of its original milk chocolate bar and transforming each piece to include an emoji.
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Shiba Inu Marshmallows
Three-dimensional plump muzzle ♪ I can not eat it!
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Giant Googly Eyes
Do your worst.
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Gold Penis Pool Float
Trusted quality made extra thick. Specially designed for you to sit on. Proven performance, will withstand multiple rides.
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Flat Earth Snow Globe
This is a snow globe of the Earth, a tiny replica of how our planet looks in the solar system. Shake it to see the snow flutter down from the atmospheric dome, exactly the same way real snow falls in real life. Onto the flat ground. Even into the flat sea.
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Shiba Inu Dog Marshmallows
From their striking appearance to their cute and soft texture, these are snacks you won't forget any time soon.
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The Hello Kitty Baking Book
From Hello Kitty Cake Pops to Chococat Cake and Pretty Bow Pumpkin Pie, there’s something for everyone to make and enjoy. Featuring over two dozen easy-to-follow recipes, The Hello Kitty Baking Book is the perfect cookbook for anyone who loves Hello Kitty, desserts, or both!
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Life-Size Inflatable Elephant
Life like elephant replica inflates to 7 feet tall and support 200lbs!
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Cat Butt Tissue Holder
Makes getting tissues disturbing, but somehow fun!
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You Make Me Horny Gift Wrap
Telling someone you fancy the pants off them in person is always a little awkward. Just let this gift wrap set do the talking and you’ll be balls deep in no time. Or flaps deep. Is that even possible? Probably not.
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Delete My Browser History Bracelet
You know what to do...
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