Wireless License Plate Curtain
If you're wondering if this is illegal, the answer is yes. But don't let that stop you. It's battery operated by a keychain remote control, and easy to install. Let us know how it worked out for you if they have WIFI in prison.
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Yeah science, bitch! Gallium is a metal that turns liquid when it reaches body temperature. Hold it in your hand and it will melt. It's also completely safe to play with and is found to naturally occur in the human body.
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LIX 3D Printing Pen
Lix 3D pen enables you to doodle in the air. This professional tool offers you the comfort and pushes your creativity to another level.
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Cards Against Humanity
The Internet's favorite game, and now you're allowed to play too. Unlike most of the party games you've played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.
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Colorful Electronics Cleaning Putty
Picks up dust and dirt from computer keyboards, mobile phones and printers. Does not leave residues, keeps your hands clean, has a proven disinfecting action. Catches dirt and kills over 80% of germs.
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Star Projector Lamp
Project a map of the heavens onto your ceiling and walls with this starlight projector. Featuring a rotating base with compass-point alignments, it's possible to set up your AstroStar by aligning it according to your location and the time of the year.
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Mystical Rainbow Fire Packets
Being a wizard is only a matter of buying the right supplies from Amazon. Sprinkle these colorant packets into the fire and watch as all your common muggle friends gasp in awe of your potion skills. Comes in a 12 pack, so each pack is like burning a dollar bill.
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Between the Lines: An Expert Level Coloring Book
"Between the Lines" is not your average coloring book. With that in mind, know that it might require a different approach than you are used to or remember from the past. Just be sure to take your time with it, and enjoy the process of whatever you choose to do.
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Scribble Pen - Draw in Any Color on Earth
Scribble is the first coloring device of its kind that can take the world of color around you and transfer it directly to either paper or your favourite mobile device. Simple hold the Scribble's scanner up to any color, like on a wall, a book, a painting or even a child's toy
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Glow in the Dark Nail Polish
Glow in the dark nail polish, because stuff that glows in the dark is awesome.
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Magnetic Thinking Putty
Magnetic Thinking Putty takes regular "silly" putty and turns its awesomeness up to 11. Like any other putty, it can be stretched, bounced, molded, popped, and torn. However, when this putty is in the presence of a magnetic field, it exhibits fascinating properties.
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