Scratch Off World Map Poster
Luckies Scratch Maps feature a gold foil top layer which means that once a country has been visited, the intrepid traveller gets to scratch it off to reveal beautifully vibrant details beneath. Scratching also reveals amazing facts about our world.
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Temporary Tattoo Pen Kit
This Temporary Tattoo Pen Kit uses an exclusive system of cleanser, inks and sealer to allow you to create your own realistic looking temporary tattoos that can last for weeks or can be removed anytime with the supplied remover. These tattoos look just like the real thing.
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Dandelion Orb Necklace
Make a wish! Remember blowing on dandelions and making a wish when we were children? Those distant memories stay with us forever... This necklace has captured a piece of our sweet childhood memories. It features a large (20mm) glass orb with real dandelion seeds inside.
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Desktop Jellyfish Tank
Looking for a totally unique pet that will remind you to just keep swimming? How about a jellyfish you can keep on your desktop at work?
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Ship Your Enemies Glitter
Pay us money, provide an address anywhere in the world & we'll send them so much glitter in an envelope that they'll be finding that shit everywhere for weeks. We'll also include a note telling the person exactly why they're receiving this terrible gift.
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Le Beanock Indoor Hammock
LE BEANOCK is part beanbag, part hammock. LE BEANOCK combines the unique experience of the weightlessness of a hammock with the comfort of a beanbag and bed, be enveloped in comfort and soothe away your stress, you will experience the true meaning of relaxation in LE BEANOCK.
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AGT Aqua Blue Driveway Glow Stones
AGT Aqua Blue Glow Stones are a high-performance, glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent stone that provides an Aqua Blue night-time glow. They will glow for over 12 hours per night, and they last forever, never needing to be replaced. Available in many sizes to create depth.
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Portable Nightlight Globes
Change the way your kids view bedtime with the Boon GLO Nightlight with Portable Balls. This interactive nightlight has removable, illuminated Glo balls that stay glowing after removed from the base, so your child can take them under the covers.
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Personalized Hogwarts Acceptance Letter
Let's face it, we're all still waiting for our acceptance letters. This is as real as it gets. A personalized acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry and an acceptance letter to the House of your choice on parchment, wax sealed with the Hogwarts insignia.
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Hermione Granger's Time Turner
An authentic recreation of Hermione's TIME TURNER as featured in the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AZKABAN . The TIME TURNER is centered with a working miniature hourglass and its inner rings rotate. Plated in 24 karat gold, measures 1 3/8 inches in diameter.
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Bluetooth Speaker Creatures
Speaker Creatures are wireless Bluetooth speakers for the shower. They are a reliable shower buddy designed to make rocking out in the shower that much better! Now while you're belting out tunes in the shower, your device can stay out of harms way thanks to the Bluetooth.
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