Rainfall LED Shower Head
High quality faucet with built-in LED light. LED color changes according to water temperature. LED light is activated when the faucet senses water flow.
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Magnetic Sand Hourglass
This timer uses magnetic iron filings instead of sand to help you keep track of the passing time. As time elapses, the falling filings form interesting patterns that constitute artforms in and of themselves. Each timing cycle lasts 60 seconds.
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Pokemon Snorlax Bed
This is a custom made Snorlax bed for the Pokemon enthusiast.
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The Mini Mobile Robotic Printer
Why not get rid of the entire device, just put the printhead on a set of small wheels and let it run across a piece of paper. By doing so, we allow the printer to really be as little as possible.
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Rubber Stamp - Seal of Approval
A wood-mounted rubber stamp that was laser engraved from my original design.
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Cardsharp 2 Credit Card Knife
The Cardsharp Knife is an innovative new idea from Iain Sinclair that provides a light and ultra sharp knife in the shape and size of a credit card. The knife is attached to a hinge that swings out, and the "card" portion turns into the knife's handle.
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World's Lightest Solid
It's simply amazing to hold in your hands! Silica Aerogel was developed by NASA, and used to insulate the Mars Rover and collect comet dust in the Stardust Mission.
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Robotic Pet Fish
The HEXBUG Aquabot is the first water-born HEXBUG micro robotic creature with smart fish technology! Powered by electro-magnetic propulsion, this swimming fish propels itself to explore its environment.
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Car Travel Inflatable Bed
Sleeping in the car is typically a last ditch effort at getting some shut eye. Whether you've been kicked out, ran away from home, or are temporarily displaced, the Inflatable Car Airbed is an excellent way to convert an uncomfortable back seat into a suitable spot to sleep.
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Dancing Water Speakers
Multicolored lights illuminate jets of water that "dance" to the beat and volume of your music!
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Bibliochaise - Book Case Chair
The Bibliochaise is made with materials adapted from high performance yacht technologies, it contains space for 5m of books, with the additional innovation of hidden wheels.
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