Personal Library Kit
For those friends of yours who borrow books, but never return them. Gah! I wish I had friends!
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Pink Mountain Rose Succulent Plant
Aeonium Aurea ex El Hierro ' are super cute and super rare pink mountain roses.
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Beginners Cheese Making Kit
Make five types of delicious cheese in only a few hours. Includes vegetarian rennet, cheese salt, citric acid, cheese cloth and full instructions.
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Color Changing Gin Infusing Kit
Make five bottles of colour changing gin that will magically turn from a blueish purple to pink when added to tonic water. Fab.
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Pop-Up Fire Pit
The Pop-Up Pit packs smaller than a camp chair and weighs just 8lbs but opens to an outstanding 24"x24" fire pit, large enough to keep the whole party warm!
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Egguins - Cook, Store & Serve Egg Holder
Cook, Store & Serve Egg holder in a shape of penguins.
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Personalized Seed Bombs
Botanical seed bombs may come in the shape of balls, hearts and flowers. Pretty box of seed bombs with attractive instructions and personalized tag. Wrapped in biodegradable pouch for safekeeping.
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Survival Seed Vaults
The seeds from Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault can be either planted now or stored for later use. This set comes with a range of seed varieties.
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The Ice Cream Canteen - Vacuum Insulated Pint Container
It is important to be able to safely transport iced cream.
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Personal Coffee Pot Mug
I have a few pot a day habit...
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Slow Treat Dispensing Wall Mat
Teach your dog super weird party tricks like licking walls on command!
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